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This is going to be one. Tough. Week. Firstly, we had an AMAZING time with the in laws for dinner on Saturday. Here you can see pictures and get my hubby’s famous recipe for Easier Than Pie Rolls. But, now its Monday that I’m back to the grindstone. Actually, the next 5 days at work will be the most stressful of the year. You see, I work for The Salvation Army at the Divisional Headquarters. 80% of our operating budget is raised during November-December. And on 11-12 we have our biggest event of the year. Yeah. And I’m the only graphic designer. Yeah. So I’m looking at programs, banners, table cards, name tags table commitment cards, 2 video testimonials  thank you reel for AV, music for AV, and ALL THE DECOR… all to be completed in the next 5 days.

But you know, its worth it. My job changes people’s lives. (You can read all about my passion for The Salvation Army in my Help Me Help Others post. ;D )

So yeah, my mantra for this week is just to keep my head up, keep focus but don’t get so worked up in working for the kingdom that I forget who is king. =D

Anyhoo- what did YOU accomplish this weekend? I can’t wait to see!!

The party is after the features!!

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Gooey Nutella Cake by Marty at What Marty Sees

Apparently, y’all like Nutella. Which is good, because I might have to disown the whole lot of you if you didn’t. While I must say I don’t appreciate that Nutella is sometimes thought of as healthy (as it isn’t. Like, at all.) I do LOVE the stuff. So I am with you on this awesome looking Nutella cake. Yum!!



And my Personal Favorite:

DIY Refillable cat nip by Practically Functional

Last weekend among the hub bub of prepping for guests, hubby and I found a stray not-quite-kitten on our back porch. We’ve had her holed up int he bathroom as we made appointments to get her neutered and set about find her a “forever home”. Then this evening, we took her to the rescue that is handling her fixing and the owner gasped when she saw the cat. I knew she was pretty, but apparently she is a Tortie Siamese Points. She even said we’d be foolish not to keep her. Well, we are still undecided, but a couple of hand made catnip toys couldn’t hurt us. =D

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Enough! Let’s do some Sweet Sharing!

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